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The Reminder Remedy

Reminding you that everything you need is everything you got! The Reminder Remedy podcast is sure to bring you lively conversations and the most authentic guests. You can always catch your host Alena Conley talking all things “adulting”, self-care, black folks, business, motherhood and Jesus.



Reminding you that everything you need is everything you got! Alena Conley, Wife, Mom of two and full time Entrepreneur brings you into her world as a woman committed to being the best version of herself by not forgetting HERSELF and inspiring others to do the same.




meet your host, Alena


In the early part of 2018 I launched my podcast series “The Reminder Remedy”. The podcast has become the perfect medium for me to merge my love for teaching and developing others; connecting with the brightest and the best; and sharing my unsolicited opinion that no longer fits on the 30 second clips of social media. But it was in 2013 during the most transitional period of my life to date, I became aware of my podcast’s now tagline “Everything you need is everything you got”. While trying to make sense of how my life was unfolding, I learned that God equipped me at birth with what I needed to fulfill his purpose. And what’s more… my journey through life was just going to allow me to discover it more and more with each assignment.

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