Alena Conley is a 30-year-old Atlanta native, wife, mother and serial entrepreneur. Alena started her journey like many on a pursuit to receive a proper education and land her dream job working on Wall Street. Alena did just that, after receiving her MBA from Florida A&M University she landed a role as a Wall Street analyst at one of the world's top firms. This pursuit of happiness was short-lived when the dream career she had always thought would be the pinnacle of success only left her feeling overworked and unfulfilled. In 2013 Alena quit her job and took the big leap and started what she fondly referred to as her "search for fulfillment".

After leaving corporate America, Alena went on to become a full-time Entreprenuer and often now refers to herself as a "Momprenuer", women who are raising babies and businesses. Alena is the co-founder of a women's empowerment platform called Star at Heart which was started back in 2012. Star at Heart was one of the first companies to release female African American emojis on the iOS platform, featuring them in their social networking app GyrlTalk. Alena also specializes in creating and strengthening social media presence for small business entrepreneurs through her consulting platform. Alena is currently best known for her massive success in the Direct Sales Industry where she quickly climbed the ranks and is currently a Top Income Earner with her company. An industry Alena says she just "fell into" has become her sweet spot and a true passion that has allowed her to bring confidence, business acumen and financial freedom to thousands.

When asked what pushed Alena to pursue Entrepreneurship she shared that she was given the opportunity to help one of her close friends launch their own cosmetics line. Watching someone close to her take an idea and turn it into a global brand changed Alena's mindset on what's truly possible. It made it almost impossible to go back to having a regular job while ignoring the constant itch that there was more to life.

Through Alena's various platforms she has one ultimate goal; help people realize that our sole purpose is to serve God and to serve others through our God-given talents. She strives to help people discover the set of unique tools that only they possess, unleashing their true authentic identities. The technique she uses with her clients and local mentee program called "The Reminder Remedy" was created to simply help remind people daily through a few intentional habits that they've "got this". Alena is currently writing her first personal development book based on this system, due to be published in 2017. Alena is also excited to be introducing some "mommy products" in the near future, an industry she is excited to dive into since having her son Parker Asher. Alena and her husband Prince Conley currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.