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Alena, Christian. Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. 

This is my story of how I went from a single gal living in NYC working my dream career as a Wall Street analyst, to one day waking up looking in the mirror and realizing I had officially entered my thirties as a mother, wife and business owner. An overnight realization that my days and nights were no longer my own, my work/life balance was non existent and life as I knew it had completely changed.

This is a peek into the lessons behind understanding the difference between the success I achieved via my own will power and the fulfillment achieved when I completely surrendered my life to God's will

This site and my blog share how I went from a whole lotta coffee to a whole lotta Jesus. A resource for anyone who has experienced overwhelm, unfinished to-do lists, a constant chase for the “next big thing” and an unwavering longing for something more.

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