Parker's TWO Legit to Quit Birthday Party [PICTURES INSIDE]

I never thought I would enjoy celebrating someone else's birthday as much as my own, but here we are! My BFF Sherese and I absolutely love birthdays, it's kind of our thing. So even now as thirty-somethings we make time to simply celebrate another year of life. I am extremely excited to pass along these celebratory traditions with my kids.

Although Parker will probably have no true recollection of these past two parties. They will definitely make for some "sounded fun mom" moments that I can tell over and over again. My mother has told me a hundred times over the story of my first birthday party that was really a house party for her and her friends that was an absolute blast. Nevertheless, I've heard the story so much they are definitely memories of my own.

Instead of choosing a typical kids party venue this year, I wanted to plan a party that was all about Parker's personality. So many people have reached out to me asking how I came up with the TWO Legit theme, so I'm excited to share how it all went down. Currently my son has two things he loves - football and dancing. So I initially reached out to the Chick-fil-A Hall of Fame venue because they host parties and rent their football field out. However they never contacted me back. So I turned to old faithful, Pinterest, and researched kid dance party ideas.

Amongst all the ballerina themed parties, I came across an Etsy party invitation that read "TWO Legit to Quit" and I knew that had my son's name all over it.  I started looking for dance studios to rent and shortly discovered that Dance 411 here in Atlanta offers a kid hip-hop themed party, perfect!

If you a considering hosting a similar themed party for your little one, a bit of advice based on my experience. I would try to keep the music levels reasonable, especially if it's a three and under crowd.  I found the surround sound of the studio system to be a bit overwhelming for the children, even for Parker who will typically bust a move anywhere.  I would also encourage in addition to dancing to music, also having the instructor perhaps sing some familiar kid songs as well as provide some type of "noise maker" for them to play with as they get comfortable in the space.

Hiring a photographer or having a designated friend/family member to take pictures is a must. It will be virtually impossible for you to catch some good footage in such a busy environment of little hip hoppers bouncing around. And definitely don't bank on them actually posing for a picture, candids have much more character anyway.

I also used HobNob's invitation service app for the first time and it was a life saver. I was able to save money on printing and stamps. I didn't have to collect addresses or follow up with the "are you going to be able to make it" text. I was able to invite my guest with their phone numbers or emails, upload my custom invite image (although they also provide templates), as well as set automated reminders for RSVPs. The cutest part is that you can actually upload pictures from the party to the app, it even notifies you that "you took 20 pictures during the time this party took place, would you like to share". Love it!

I have included my party vendors and photo gallery below. Thanks to all who celebrated with us as well as all the birthday wishes. See ya next year!

Hip Hop Cake & Cupcakes -

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TWO Legit Custom Party Invitations

Parker's TWO Legit T-shirt

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