Celebrating my 31st Birthday with the Launch of The 31 Project

If you’ve read my initial post on why this blog was even created, you are aware that the age of 30 was my year of completely surrendering to Christ. Yes, this type A, “red” (for my color personality HR freaks), decided to finally give up control. But the thing is why did I even want it in the first place? Honestly, I actually thought it was a great personality trait to have. If I was to ever fill out a survey asking “do you like to take full control and responsibility”, I was circling 10 with pride. It meant I’m dependable, I’m focused, I take charge, I’m a self-starter. You know, I’m freaking awesome and you want me on your team!

So what happens to the “10” by society and Corporate America’s standards when she is no longer the best candidate for the job? When deadlines are constantly being missed? She’s late for everything? She’s struggling to balance work and life? And her baby won't stop crying?

I’ll tell you what happens – you become a HOT MESS! “Hello, I’m Alena, 29, fiancé, full-time entrepreneur and first time Mom and I’m completely failing at life” were my thoughts. I was suffering from baby blues, planning a wedding, building a business, coaching thousands and I was literally spiraling out control. I was spiraling in actuality because for the first time in my life, I was no longer in control. Not because I didn’t want to be, but because I physically could not be. It was physically and mentally IMPOSSIBLE for me to be everything to everyone, be everywhere I wanted to be, complete every task I had on my calendar and predict exactly when Parker would have his next blow out. And because of this I slowly felt myself going into a depressed state. Because all I knew was that having control and being a “10” was what was expected of me, of us.

Then I started praying. I’ve actually always prayed. As some of us “southern folks’ would say… I was raised in the church. But it wasn’t until I joined a pre-marital course with my now husband that I realized that while I was having daily conversation with my Heavenly Father. I was still just trying to gain his approval through daily task and checked off to-do list. Instead of fundamentally getting to know Him, the type of father He is to me and what He expects of me. In simplest terms…I took a super dope class that helped me realize that I had been doing life all wrong and that my understanding of what I should truly be focusing on was of this world and not of God. I was career focused. Goal focused. Control driven. All about Alena. And simply needed to realize that even on my BEST days, I still will not be enough. But Jesus will be.

Greetings from Santorini, Greece! I woke up at the crack of dawn excited to share The 31 Project with you all! This is my "let's do this" face!

Greetings from Santorini, Greece! I woke up at the crack of dawn excited to share The 31 Project with you all! This is my "let's do this" face!

So in comes 30, more like 30 and 4 months and life completely and fully shifted for me. Because I had a better understanding of what the Christian life is supposed to look like. The only place to discover this is through the Word of God…yes The Bible. So I spent my days all up in it and my understanding grew and with that my desire and NEED for control slipped away. I gave it all away and man does it feel AHH-MAZING. Another product of my surrendered life was this blog. Ever heard the saying, “our cups runneth over”? Well the first step for me was filling my own cup before it could runneth over…quality runneth, lol. And then when I felt full I created this blog  for all my “runneth” that I have for others. 

Because the year of 30 was so fulfilling for me, as I celebrate my 31st birthday all I desire to do is dedicate my life to pouring into and serving others. So I am excited to introduce The 31 Project, the non-profit arm of the Alena Conley Corp. When I was reflecting on 30 and looking forward to 31, of course one of the first things that came across my mind was Proverbs 31 and the Proverbs 31 woman. She was a woman of many trades and talents, a woman about her business and about her family, but most of all she was a woman of God and of service. As I strive to be a P31 women in my own right, my desires to help other women be their best selves will be delivered through P31’s 3-pronged approach; education on a walk with Christ, exposure to business and business skills and growth as wives and mothers.

Some of this year’s P31 projects include but are not limited to:

-       Life Group, a weekly small women’s group study on The Bible and Christian Life 

-       ‘Who’s Ya Mama’, a small group for mothers, monthly brunch & outings

-       “What’s Your Story” – A full day course on writing your own E-Book

-       “Say it Loud” – A 2-Day Oratorical/Speech Writing Course, Hosted by Alicia McCord-Estes, Toastmasters

-       “I Need a Graphic Designer” – Eliminate your Photoshop woes with this full day Photoshop and graphic design course

-       “Garages to Amazon” – Full Day Course on drop shipping, logistics and selling online

- "See the World" - A 2-Hour Course on Traveling on a Budget

-       “Ballet Dreaming” – Earn a full scholarship to a professional summer dance intensive (must already be accepted in program)

-       “Girl Scout for Life” – Full Summer Girl Scout Camp Sponsorship

-       “Give Me Your Money” – 3-Hour Pitch Competition Course

-       2017 P31 Startup Competition - $2000 Prize

-       2017 P31 Non-Profit Competition - $1000 Prize

-       P31 Book Scholarship

-       P31 Book Club

-       P31 Stationary/Planner Club

-       P31 Smartphone Drive

-       2017 The Reminder Remedy Retreat

-       Grand Opening of the “Create. Believe.” Co-Working Space in Atlanta

All P31 events have limited spacing and are free of charge. So be sure to subscribe to have access to pre-sales and be the first to know about all of the events!

Welcome to The 31 Project!


Alena Conley, Age 31