The $50,000 Mirror

December 2013. The original "mirror shot".

December 2013. The original "mirror shot".

The year 2013 was my most transitional year. It was the year that I decided to take my "big leap" and leave Corporate America. It was the year that I read Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and my levels of positivity and optimism were off the richter. It was the year that I pretty much said no amount of money would ever replace the feeling of freedom, and I totally had to eat my words. After a year of saving and launching my app, after hiring a local team...9 months later I was broke. 

What's the saying? When it rains it pours? Well I thought I had it all figured out. After five months of joining It Works Global I had reached the Double Diamond level, replacing my full-time income.  I was on top of the world and couldn't be stopped! My new man and now husband had decided to relocate to Atlanta. We both had dreamed of living in a high rise building with an amazing view, so that's what we got. Why not?! My direct sales business was booming and his NYC based marketing agency had decided to allow him to work remotely. It was the perfect LITuation. lol!

Looking back, the only missing factor was never once asking God...what is it that you want of us? What is your plan in all of this. So just like that, a few short weeks later...40 of my business partners quit, my husband's company restructured and we were left with astronomical rent and an amazing view. It was totally one of those moments where I thought "what the heck was I thinking leaving my six-figure paying job, great benefits and security for this mess!?"

Needless to say, for about two months straight we fought daily. A new relationship that was not going at all like we had imagined. However, one night I made the DECISION that we had come way to far to just give and let everything fall apart. I knew that we had to ignite our faith to the HIGHEST power. 

At the time our CEO had challenged us to cast our visions on a mirror so that we could see it daily. In this short video I share how that mirror dramatically changed our life. Watch here.