The Reminder Remedy Podcast Episode 001 — Your People Are Not Your People


I commonly see people feeling let down when those people they love and trust don’t support their vision, lifestyle or decisions.

Today we’ll be talking about something very important. Your people are not your people. We often think our family, friends, loved ones and network are going to commend us, support us and encourage us. That is not always the case. People tend to not react the way you think or hope they will.

We can’t blame them for being doubtful of things and decisions beyond our current situation. They are looking at your faults and trying to protect you while you’re  focused on the person you want to become and where you want to go.

If you think about it, we shouldn’t be going to the people who know the old us and all of our downfalls prior to what we are trying do and who we are  trying to be now and in the feature. These people were created for a different purpose in our life.

God has all assigned us certain people. There are certain people in our lives that we encounter on our journey that are meant to be there when we are becoming who we are becoming. Yet we will get to a point where those people aren’t our people any more. They may provide love and support you but they may not see  you the same way those that are meant to be fed by you will or do.

There are people in your life that feed you and then there are the people you feed. These people that you are feeding are your tribe. If someone doesn’t like what you’re doing or doesn’t understand what you are doing, then it’s not  for them or you’re not for them. If you are always focusing on those that aren’t for you, the people who are for you and need you are missing out.

What if you don’t know how to find your tribe? It’s actually very simple. Authenticity is the answer. So many of us are not being true to who we are. Instead of authentically trying to discover who we are, we rely on others, overconsume social media and morph into a compilation of all of those around us.

Learn more about finding your tribe, understanding who you really are and coming to grips with the roles certain people play in your life to become your best self and fulfil your purpose on this episode of The Reminder Remedy.

In this Episode

  • Lack of support from friends, family and loved ones

  • The people that feed you vs the people you feed

  • My decision to go vegan

  • Realizing your people aren’t your people

  • Small town syndrome

  • Worrying about what others think

  • You are not for everyone

  • Growing your tribe

  • Importance of authenticity

  • Putting energy into the creation process

  • Truly fulfilling your roles

  • Taking time to be still

  • How I personally create content

Resources Mentioned

None Like Him:10 Ways God Is Different From Us (and Why That’s A Good Thing)

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