The Reminder Remedy Podcast Episode 006: What is The Reminder Remedy?


This episode of The Remind Remedy is all about The Reminder Remedy. What is The Reminder Remedy you might ask? The Reminder Remedy is a self-care methodology that includes activities to enhance your daily living.

I’m an extreme proponent of taking care of yourself and learning to truly love yourself in order to be the best version of yourself you can be.

As a human, feelings and emotions have the ability to transform us. The Reminder Remedy uses feelings as a powerful source. Awhile back I had an out of body experience and felt God relaying the message Remind them that I am within them. I pulled out my phone and typed this phrase out in the notes on my phone. This note sat on my phone for a long time but I realized when He gives you something, it’s going to stay.

I eventually developed The Reminder Remedy. The Reminder Remedy methodology consists of six steps.

The first step is to list out the emotions you want to overcome. Think about what emotions are holding you back.

Next you will make a second column next to your list of emotions you want to overcome with a list of experiences that were so life changing you don’t want to forget them.

Once those two lists are complete, match the first two lists with times you overcame the things you are constantly dealing with.

Now it’s time to take those and put them into daily practice. Assign remedy to a reminder.

The next step is to activate happiness and self-worth in your life by reminding someone else daily.

Lastly, continue to embrace the art of storytelling.

In this Episode

  • How I got to this place

  • Reminding yourself of who you are and who you are created to be

  • How I honed my special skills

  • The importance of feelings

  • What The Reminder Remedy is

  • How to utilize The Reminder Remedy methodology

Resources Mentioned