The Reminder Remedy Podcast Episode 003 — My Circle Series: Meet Chloe

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My Circle Series: Meet Chloe

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Welcome to another episode of The Reminder Remedy. I have started a series called My Circle Series so you can network and hear from some of my personal friends. Many women are looking to network and make authentic connections with people who are in similar places and stages of life. Today I am joined by my friend Chloe Williams, who will share her life story, talk about how she got where she is today and how she manages a life full of various activities and responsibilities.

Chloe is the director of communication and public relations for REVOLT Media & TV. She is also her mother’s only daughter, a friend to many and fashionista. She also recently got engaged. Chloe was born and raised on the south side of Chicago by a single mom and family. She went to Florida A&M and took various internships in New York. Upon graduation she decided to move to New York. With a one way ticket and no job, she set her sights on New York, went for it and made it happen.

On this episode we’ll also be talking about personal branding, understanding the importance of networking and building connections in an authentic way. In today’s world it’s incredibly important to align yourself with people who can get you want to go, people who inspire you and people who are where you want to be.

In this Episode

  • Who is Chloe Williams?

  • Your plan vs. God’s plan

  • The importance of connections

  • Your network is your net worth

  • Tips for learning a new craft

  • The power of asking questions

  • A typical day in the life of Chloe

  • Spending time with yourself

  • How Chloe and her fiancé met

  • Balancing wedding planning, working and traveling

  • Letting of self-doubt and leveling up

  • Owning where you are

  • Bettering yourself

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