The Reminder Remedy Podcast Episode 005 — My Circle Series: Meet Ashley

Welcome to the Reminder Remedy, where today we are talking about how you can grow your wealth with Ashley Fox.

Ashley is a Philadelphia native. She went on to attend Howard University where she majored in business and graduated magna cum laude. She ended up landing a job after graduation at J.P. Morgan where she worked in the asset management department. After leaving J.P. Morgan, Ashley pursued her entrepreneurial ambitions and started her company Empify, a financial literacy organization. She is also a writer and has been featured in various magazines such Forbes and Glamour.

Ashley is a financial advisor and helps bring knowledge to kids and individuals. Having an abundant mindset is an important part of developing a healthy relationship with money. On this episode of The Reminder Remedy we are talking about all things financial health, the importance of discovering your why and who you really are, how to build the life and wealth you want and what to expect from Ashley’s upcoming course.

In this Episode

  • How Ashley got to where she is today

  • Developing an abundant mindset

  • Breaking habits and discovering who you are

  • Is this a life you want to live?

  • What you can expect to learn in Ashley Fox’s upcoming course

  • Building wealth

  • Starting today

  • Focusing on the why and the what

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