The Reminder Remedy Podcast Episode 004 — Getting UnStuck: The Art + Science of Thinking


Today I am going to be sharing an incredibly amount of content during this episode. I would encourage you to grab a pen and paper and write down your thoughts as we discuss getting unstuck.

There’s a great deal of science behind how the brain works. We’re going to talk about various brain functions that can help us get unstuck and stay unstuck.

Sometimes we overthink and generate thoughts that end up being detrimental instead of helpful. Science is showing the benefits of catching drifting or uncontrollable thoughts. Purposefully controlling your thoughts can even change physical matter. Your brain and body are both impacted. When you control your thoughts, the brain sensory processes are transformed and neurotransmitters are rewired in a positive or negative direction.

Stress is the key to understanding the association between depression and heart disease. Not catching and stopping certain thoughts leads to negative and toxic thoughts being wired into the brain. This can lead to depressive thoughts which leads the body to progress through the stages of stress.

Our brain is constantly changing. The deeper you think, the more you can change. Through various tactics, techniques and little bit of awareness you can be on your way to a better brain and more productive thoughts.

In this Episode

  • How you can stay unstuck

  • Measuring success by productivity

  • Walking in your purpose

  • Cognitive dissonance

  • Mental despair

  • The impact of stress

  • Redirecting your attention and directing thoughts

  • Focused reflection

  • 5 steps to a freer mind

Resources Mentioned

A New Earth

Priscilla Shirer

Switch On Your Brain