Taking the Road Less Traveled: How I Tripled My Revenue in 2016


Right before the Christmas holiday I felt very convicted by the Spirit to go live on Facebook and share my story. While many have shared my journey into Entrepreneurship since 2012, there are so many who are completely oblivious to some of the early days, the true "faith walk" days. I implore you to take a walk with me down memory lane as I share "the roads to skip and the roads to know" when taking the road less traveled. Check out the replay of the FB Live below and learn how I was able to have a record breaking revenue year in 2016 after four years of preparation.

I know what you're thinking...Alena, this is great, but how can I do the same? 2017 HAS to be a year of change, growth and increased income and I need all the assistance I can get! How do I know this because so many of you who already watched this video have messaged me about coaching, mentorship, tips, tricks, you name it! So I've created something very special and intimate just for you.  I will be hosting a private webinar for a small group of 50 people called "The Road Less Traveled 2017", Wednesday, January 11th at 9pmEST. During this webinar I will go into detail on how you can do exactly what I did to create freedom of time, financial freedom and peace of mind.

So watch the replay (yes it's an hour, but so worth it - make time) and then secure your webinar spot below.