I find myself always looking for the perfect words to describe exactly who I am and what I do. But what I find easiest to share is what I love most about life.

We all journey through life’s peaks and valleys, but it is during these highs and lows that we can experience self-discovery and fulfillment. For most of my life I thought I was an extrovert. I’m completely unreserved and I love people. But while working in a very unique corporate Human Resources role, I discovered I am what is commonly referred to as a “social introvert”. I find strength in being in my own company. In fact, I am my happiest and most creative self when alone.

What’s crazy is that most of my life I’ve been operating in roles outside my personality. Everything I have done has involved extreme group activity, being a team player and having a career in influencing, coaching and serving others.

This new understanding of my personality put me on the path to find peace in my life. For the last six years I have been able to build a 7-figure business working from my natural space because of the uniqueness of social media platforms. I am able to connect with hundreds daily, yet have full control to go inward and to myself at any point in time. And in these six years I’ve been able to spend a lot of time with myself, leading to intentional personal growth, genuine relationships and a skill set that I find uniquely assigned to me.

In a world full of timelines, news feeds, newsletters and google, it can be overwhelming to find the balance between who you are supposed to be and who you truly are – the most authentic version of yourself; because we’ve become tainted by the noise that “inspires” us daily.